HyperGear Dual USB 20000mAh Power Bank

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Product Description

HyperGear’s Dual USB Power Bank is the perfect backup so all your devices are Charged and Ready to Go, Wherever you Go.

* Compact and Lightweight Portable Charger

* Universally Compatible with all USB powered devices including iOs and Android smartphones and tablets, MP3 players, and most Wearables

* Rapid Charge 2 devices at a time

* Sleek pearl white housing

* Drop tested for durability


Ultra-High Capacity

20000mAh is enough to fully charge an iPhone 5s 10 times, an iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 8 times, and an iPad mini 2.5 times

Dual USB

Charge any 2 devices simultaneously

Incredible Output

2 High-speed ports (2.5A and 2.1A) rapidly recharge both devices

Cutting-edge Circuitry and Smart Chip Technology

Ensure the ultra-fast charge is also ultra-safe. Each port automatically detects your device’s power needs and adjusts the amperage flow accordingly. You don’t have to worry about “frying” your devices with built-in short-circuit and overcharge protection

Battery Level Indicator

5 LED lights indicate the available power for an easy status check

Micro USB Cable (included)

Connect the charging cable to a USB port or wall outlet to recharge your battery

Powerful 2A Input

Quickly sucks up fresh power, so your backup is always ready to back you up

Built-in Flashlight

A front-facing LED is useful in case of a power outage or emergency

Reliability Guaranteed

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