KW Cellular stores usually pay the most for your used phones – in addition, we always pay cash!

Are you looking to sell your current device? Or want to upgrade your old phone, or just realized you have an unused phone sitting in a drawer? We offer you the best price in all brands used phones. Your used phone could easily be turned into quick cash at KW Cellular. You can always compare KW Cellular’s prices with the trade-in values offered by your carrier before you upgrade with us, you’ll find our cash purchase prices much higher than the credit amount offered by your carrier.

Also, we can even buy your phone if it has some damage like broken screen, charging port not working, mic not working, speaker needs replacement or any other issue which needs to fixed.

We offer to buy most phones on the spot. Bring your old device to your closest KW Cellular store and have your phone analyzed and evaluated by our trusted and certified professionals at KW Cellular located in Kitchener, Cambridge or Guelph for a complimentary no-obligation valuation for your phone today!

We can safely transfer your data to a new/any other device or USB and/or delete your data all in one visit.

Our expert will walk you through a reliable & convenient process at KW Cellular store.

If you’re looking to upgrade to one of our most dependable, affordable Certified Pre-Owned smartphone, we would be happy to adjust the value of your old phone towards your new phone purchase.

KW Cellular offers unlocked smartphones that can be used on all GSM networks, and we stand behind the quality of our Certified Pre-Owned devices.

So what are you waiting for? Drop by at any of our store today!

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